The Book of Sacred Medicine

According to the teaching of the Medicine Wheel of the Essenes

A unique book, more than 170 original illustrations

This handbook is made up of transcripts of the training given by Guilhem Cayzac to first level students. Its purpose is to familiarize oneself with the basic notions of this science.

It contains what can only be received during initiations and living transmissions.

What you will read here are clues, orientations, and attempts to explain a timeless and universal knowledge applied to the art of healing.

Sacred Medicine is an issue from an essentially oral tradition, a living transmission which includes the body as a learning tool.

This publication constitutes training session presentations given by Guilhem Caysac to students at a beginners level. Its purpose is to become familiar with these basic concepts of this science. It only contains what has been received during initiations and live teachings.  

Its goal is to free from those pseudoscience that currently govern the world of medicine today and science in general. This, in order to access the unique source of all knowledge, which is found within each and every person.

Without unraveling relative knowledge, the great and true Knowledge clarifies, liberates and guides the therapist towards a just and therefore perfect act.

The teaching of Sacred Medicine is not a compilation of authors to which it is obviously linked - Pythagoras, Plato, Hippocrates, Buddha, Jesus, Plotin, Paracelsus, Rudolf Steiner, Peter Deunov, Manitara... who have all expressed the essential knowledge in their own way. Nor is it an accumulation of reformulated theories, nor of novelties from entities populating the invisible worlds.

What you are about to discover within is the fruit of a profound and lived meditation, of a 21st century practise of the Essene teaching which compares its eternal principles with patients of today. It is then up to each person to appropriate them as part of their therapeutic practice.

This is a non judgemental / approach to the art of healing, aimed at both surgeons and energy therapists, pharmacists and acupuncturists.


Faced with the unprecedented challenges brought about by technology and an uprooted humanity, therapists will find answers herewith, totally unheard of and liberating points of view.

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