About Guilhem Cayzac

Essene therapist and teacher

Essene for nearly 30 years, I spent about fifteen years working in publishing and journalism specializing in spirituality.

This activity allowed me to develop a good knowledge of other spiritualities, while deepening my own path.

Thus, I see no contradiction in being an Essene and interacting with others who do not follow the same path as I do.

I then turned to naturopathy and it is by being confronted with the limits of this knowledge that I decided to share with the greatest number of people some essential tools from my tradition.

Indeed, my basic principle is one of the rules of life of the Essenes: "For each disease there is an appropriate remedy. Do not reject any medicine."

And as many Essene methods are extraordinarily therapeutic, I wish to share them in a favorable setting for inner transformation.

Since I was 18 years old, I have been living in Essene Villages where I practice and teach Essene methods.  In France until 2008 and in Quebec ever since.

Contact me on WhatsApp +1 819 349 1357

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