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Guilhem Cayzac | Essene | Sacrecine Sacred Medecine

Online training courses

• Sacred Medicine
• Healing Mandalas

Guilhem Cayzac | Essene | Sacrecine Sacred Medecine


• School of the Angels
• Healing Mandalas

• Sacred Medicine

  • Chosen Theme upon request



Greece 2020

Courses in Sacred Medicine, initiatory guided tours

An unforgettable experience!

10 days to encounter the Essene tradition

  • Inner Transformation, Consciousness Awakening and Deep Healing

  • Teaching of 10 courses in Sacred Medicine

  • Healing Meditations

  • Therapeutic energy movements

  • Awakening and healing rituals

  • Guided tours of sacred sites (UNESCO World Heritage)

  • The esotericism of temples, statues and places of initiation

  • The Essene therapist Tradition throughout the ages


The Book of Sacred Medicine

According to the teaching of the Medicine Wheel of the Essenes

A unique Book

More than 170 original illustrations

This handbook is made up of transcripts of the training given by Guilhem Cayzac to first level students.

Its purpose is to familiarize oneself with the basic notions of this science.

It contains what can only be received during initiations and living transmissions.

What you will read here are clues, orientations, and attempts to explain a timeless and universal knowledge applied to the art of healing.

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